Creative College Counseling, LLC is an independent college counseling practice located in Southern California, consulting with high school students and their families regarding the right undergraduate college choices, writing poignant application essays, and helping to navigate the financial aid process.

We can meet face to face with you anywhere in Southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego, Santa Monica to Palm Springs. We also can conduct long distance e-counseling with students and families anywhere. We will work with students pursuing all academic disciplines and we have  sub-specialties for those interested in applying to schools to study the visual and performing arts as well as high powered science and engineering programs.

Our services are tailored to incoming high school freshmen through seniors, as well as current college students wishing to transfer and adults interested in returning to school.

We can help you with every aspect of the college search and application process:

  • Planning high school academic courses of study
  • Designing plans for extracurricular, summer, and enrichment activities
  • Understanding SATs and other standardized testing
  • Selecting colleges that fit the student
  • Generating ideas for college essays and securing letters of recommendation
  • Preparing for successful college visits and interviews
  • Navigating the financial aid process and investigating scholarships
  • Making a good decision after receiving college acceptances
  • Exploring the possibility of a gap year after high school
  • Advising transfer and adult students