Clients who retain our services receive personalized attention that leads students and their parents through the complicated and daunting college search and application process. They can be assured that we will pay every attention to each step students must take as they begin their road to college. 

Preparation for College

  • necessary coursework, A-G Requirements
  • standardized testing, SAT, ACT, SATII, TOEFL
  • extracurricular activities, arts, sports, jobs, community service

College Searches

  • voyage of discovery
  • crafting a “utopian university”
  • creating a realistic list of colleges
  • successful college visits

College Applications

  • time management and college app. process
  • building a college resume, presenting yourself
  • personal statement / college essay
  • preparing for interviews
  • letters of recommendation
  • the Common Application
  • the Early Decision question
  • UC and CSU applications

Affording College

  • scholarships, college endowments
  • financial aid process, FAFSA, CSS profiles

And more…

  • parental roles in the search and application process
  • after filing your application, mid-year reports, final transcripts
  • weighing your choices, once you’re in 
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